30-Day AB Challenge


Over the last few months I have been making an effort to eat a clean diet (aside from a few cheat days!) and exercise. While making better food choices hasn’t been a problem, sticking to an exercise regime has proven to be a bit more difficult. I have found that my issue with exercising is not the act itself, it’s making it a part of my daily schedule. I think that if I treat exercise as another aspect of my day, like lunch or checking my email, I will stick to it. So, along that vein, I will be utilizing monthly┬á challenges to assist me in my fitness goals! Since bikini season is near, I figured an ab challenge would be a great start. Today, May 1st, will be the 1st day of the challenge. Do you have any fitness challenges? How do you get/stay in shape?

30 day ab challenge


Playing Catch-up


Playing catch-up, yet again…

I have been such a bad blogger! I have been focused on work and in the midst of making some professional changes and have not had the time (or drive) to post. I have to admit that losing all the work I put in on my first blog took a lot of the wind out of my sails. I am promising you, and myself, to do better!

Aside from work, I have been redesigning my backyard vegetable garden. I’m really excited able all the changes that are taking place. There’s still more to do before the season gets into full swing, but here are a few pictures of the garden so far:

Emergency Fund Challenge


Emergency Fund Challenge!

If you’ve been on Facebook at all for the last week I’m sure you’ve seen this picture floating around. It’s called the 52 Week Challenge and the goal is to show you how much you can save in a calendar year, one dollar at a time. What makes this method a bit easier to swallow than some others (i.e. saving a set amount each week) is that you start small and ease into saving larger quantities later. This is great for those who don’t have much disposable income* (especially right after the holidays!), and/or not in the habit of saving. I just put my first dollar away! My goal is to beef up my emergency fund, but you could use it for just about anything! ­čÖé


*Since you start with such a small amount, you could add extra whenever necessary to cover the greater amount due later in the year. Think of it as a “pre-deposit”!

Hey, Hey, Hey!


Hello all!

My name is Adrienne, but you can call me Oribella. I am a single woman who loves to cook, craft, and explore.

Although this is my first post here, I had another blog (under the same name) that got lost in the Blogger ether, never to be seen again. *sad face* I decided to take that as a sign to make my long-awaited move to WordPress. I hope this new incarnation of Oribella Outpost will be much better than the previous one.

Here’s hoping you’ll take the journey with me!